Single Sentence Dream Summaries

This is a little taster of something I am preparing, and I think which has been a long time coming. You see, I am known amongst my family and close friends for my dreams. I have dreams as if they are real, and the interesting thing is that I remember them, vividly. See one dream story from a while back here. I am going to go into more detail about dreams and what I’ve learnt about them in my next relative posts, but for now I just wanted to give you a little taster of something I dreamt up during the week.

When I try to convey the things that occur in my dreams to people (usually Shane) they seem strange and convoluted and it’s hard for the person to picture what I have seen. So at 4am on Wednesday morning, this thing came to me: how about trying to write out what I experienced in one sentence, and calling it Single Sentence Dream Summaries.

The following sentences are what I have written down since Tuesday night. In my journal I have written out the full dream for some of these, and I’ll post those at a later date in story form for you to have a look at. I’ll also try to determine messages from them for interests sake. Friends and family also make appearances in my dreams, so good for you if you’re mentioned below with **. If you want to know what your role was, I can guarantee I will be able to explain it. Comment below if you are featured and you want to know what you were doing.

  1. A dwarf sized man trying to cut my toes off.
  2. A house with many rooms, various exotic porcelain birds as door handles and secret colourful passageways leading to darkness.
  3. A broken down train with people inside, panicking, unable to see that the way they could exit the train was by using the emergency glass-breaker, rescue, death. *Sasha Gassin*
  4. Boys urging me down a rocky cliff face toward Croatia, the sense that I was being scammed, yellow vests protesting, danger. *Blake Seymour*
  5. Covering a babysitter with two long blonde plaits, in Biarritz, for a wealthy family who owned a Rolls Royce Phantom, a knowing look, oversized objects in the sky, the caricature of an aeroplane falling from the sky but disappearing once it hit the ground.
  6. Instructions to get into the pool with a large plastic bag at a certain time because the bomb to reset all of humanity would be going off, and we were going to be the surviving humans to restart the world, deserted homes, desert wasteland, zombies. *Dad, Shane, Ian and Pat Langlands*
  7. A sky-ride where children had to simply “hold on tight” whilst the crazy driver flew them through the air at speed, doing tricks and dropping almost all the way to the ground with the engine off. *Ash Miller*
  8. Sharing a car ride with strangers through Wollongong to get to a car wash, lining the car up and then watching it disappear, Rebel Wilson drawing a crowd whilst she pirouetted and spoke of her achievements after having graduated from university, getting a signature from her on her international driver’s licence which I was carrying in my pocket.

These aren’t the most interesting and I promise there will be more. Please comment below your own experience: are you someone who can relate – do you dream like this? Or do you feel that you don’t dream at all?

Research is compiling about the importance of sleep and dreams, in part due to the fact that we can only dream when we hit our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. This happens in the latter part of the night and is essential for the transfer of learning and memory, and preparing the brain for new learning to occur when we wake up. For a little explanation of dreams from preeminent neuroscientist Matthew Walker with Joe Rogan, see here. Very interesting stuff! Otherwise, see my book review on Why We Sleep here.


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This blog is a compilation of some of my thoughts and dreams that have marinated for long enough that I can form sentences with them.

I am the mother of one toddler and one pregnant belly, the wife to one man, a friend to many, a sister to two and a daughter. Recently returned from eight months in Europe, having fulfilled a long anticipated dream of living in France.

I like to write about things, and this is the platform for me to share. Any feedback or advice is welcomed so please, get in touch if you so wish.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I L O V E your blog, Gabs!
    I always dream! Maybe not as vivid as yourself but I can still relate.

    I often feel myself in a state of disappointment in the morning if I realise I have woken with no recollection of a dream! I even dream when taking a 15 minute sun nap or a rest of the eyes in the car between work, university, training and other commitments. To me, that is normal but to some is very strange. Do you get the same reactions when you discuss this with them?

    I recognise in myself that i have a wild imagination and a tendency to conjure up the oddest of scenarios or concepts when conscious. I thrive on it! Maybe that is why I dream so much? How do you feel about having weird dreams?

    Do you know or could you link me to some of the research you speak of! I am awfully intregued!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello lovely Jaymee:-) we hit the dream state when our brain settles into a nice pattern of REM sleep, in the latter part of the night (usually) after NREM (a clearing and flushing out of all the memories and various chemicals and plaque from the day.) to say that you dream even when you have naps over the course of a day is fabulous. It means that you are reaching deep sleep quickly and the more you sleep, the better! ESPECIALLY at uni after you’ve been learning, if you can sleep straight after a class or particularly heavy lot of study, your brain uses that time to store the info in your hippocampus into your long term memory. It’s so fascinating! Have you read my post on the book Why We Sleep? Matt Walker talks about dreams and what the brain is doing during sleep in depth. I’ll send you some links to podcasts and recordings where he’s talking about them! In the meantime I highly recommend his book 🙂 big love to you! oXo


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