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Insert Brain Explosion Emoji Here.

In all we’ve learnt over the past two and a half years, and my has there been much, my focus has pin pointed in recent times to one particular thing which I’m going to tell you shortly.

Vaccination has been a pretty standard part in the raising of a child since it became a thing back in the 1700s, according to Google. I’m not going to go into the role it has played, the successes or failures it has produced, the people it has or has not saved the lives of, because we’ve heard too much of that fluff in recent times. This is not about that.

What this is about, is language. In all the years you have spent coming in and out of medical clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, and even foreign countries, in all the undoubtedly, many, conversations you have had with people from all different walks of life be they family, friends or strangers, and for many of you, in the chaperoning of your very own children…did you know that the way to describe the act of inoculation, is, to

TAKE it?

You have, or have not, TAKEN a vaccine.

I did not know this. And I’ve learnt it, thanks to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

So there you go.

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