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About Moi

I live in Perth, Western Australia. My time is occupied by two little boys, two little dogs and my Thermomix business – among the trillion other bits and pieces that come along with running a household and trying to maintain some sort of lifestyle that doesn’t involve simply surviving each day and passing out when it’s finally time for heads to hit pillows. Breathe.

We live a life of absolute happiness. We are extremely lucky to have what we do, considering the state of the world currently. And even before things went wonky – land of paradise, right? We lived in France in 2019 and man, was that an experience. I really do love my sunburnt country.

Anyway I write stuff mainly to get it off my chest and this is my platform for doing so. I love hearing readers thoughts, so please feel welcome to get in touch. You will find all the things I have written and published on the Bits & Pieces page, so please have a browse.

Peace and Love and Joy and Health, wealth, good fortune, happiness, etc etc etc to one and all.


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