I wrote a cinquain about Bangers. Here it is. Dachshund Long dog Lazing in the sun Freckles gathering on his belly Sausage.

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The Matriarch.

It was obvious from the beginning, exactly the type of person she was. She’s the matriarch. The one who has been around for so many years that they’ve turned to a blur. She’s previously been the head honcho, so feels a sense of entitlement that is so obviously present when she speaks to others. She…

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it was all a dream

I woke up this morning at 4:15 hyperventilating in sadness. I grabbed my notebook and scribbled down the images in my mind that had caused me so much angst, even in my unconscious state. It has only been altered slightly in terms of syntax. …And with the realisation of what had transpired between the Russians and…

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The Adult Party Pie

I don’t think I’ve met a person who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy a party pie. And I’m not talking that “traditional” party pie you had at every single children’s birthday that’s piled into a silver tray and tepid by the time you get off the jumping castle and fill your plate…I’m talking about, The Adult Party Pie. Yes.…

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on Greed. 

At our recent group adventure to Groovin The Moo Bunbury where our ears were glossed with the magical sounds of many an artist, something unique was going down. It was in the form of an environmental initiative, where festival punters were being encouraged to clean up after themselves and others. This is a really good…

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“a bad day” redefined.

Failing at anything you’ve worked hard for is unhelpful for trying to maintain positivity. Having a car crash at the fault of the other driver pertains to development of a rather dreary attitude. Getting rejected by Collette Dinnigan for having too big of a bust is more than a little hurtful. But, finding out a teacher you…

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