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Nothing is Funny Anymore.

Once you’ve grown up, nothing is funny anymore. Every day existence has not the sweet mist of humour, as was the case in high school days. Smiles are less prominent […]

WEEDS – a submission.

1 We have a tendency to rip them out. Their insurgent growth pervades our persistent desire to remain in control, of something, anything in this world, this world that continues […]


Yesterday, a Prado rolled down the gravel driveway which was white, originally, but looked as though it had been sprayed with red dirt. It had a trailer attached, and inside […]

Book Recommendations

I’ve been reading. And at least I’ve been reading, whilst I haven’t been writing. For this reason, I’ve decided to share the books I’ve finished, because I only finish them […]

Looking For Something

It’s becoming clear to me as I travel through life that a sense of satisfaction is transient for many of us. Framed in myriad ways by thousands who have come […]

Bare feet | a prompt

Barefoot bliss is a state of being experienced only by some of our kind. As we all know, us humans walked the earth barefoot for millennia and were content to […]

undone | a poem

I’ve lost my way. There’s been too much thinking going on. I’ve been misled; believing that planning to write would get me writing. “Planning” has kept me away from the […]

difficult people | a prompt

It can take some serious strength of character to handle a difficult person with compassion, but what can sometimes happen if it’s done well is the total subversion of a […]

self talk | a prompt

The bridge to happiness and contentment in life can depend almost entirely on the colour of language that forms in one part of the brain and is received in another. […]

morning sex (a prompt)

It used to be a regular occurrence. Three or four times a week, the day would begin wrapped within the flesh of the other. From deep sleep the journey to […]

Holly Clark: an AWC assignment

“…arms come up, and exhale.” Through the slit of her left eye and with her nose wrinkled, she sneaks a peek at the laptop screen and wonders for the hundredth […]

Shower Thoughts

Shower time is thinking time. And time to pause, strain my ears and wonder if I can hear a baby screaming outside or just in my head. Last night I […]

The Simpson.

I am currently in awe of a purchase we made recently, which took a long long time to occur. It’s an item that always seemed a bit haughty to me; […]