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On life:a reflective reflection

Sleep quietens the hive of action from the outside world. Once slept on, if the mind settles deeply enough to allow it, a problem is no longer seated at the height of unease and uncertainty, but seems more approachable and solvable. Such is the glory of a full night of rest. It is simply that – glorious, for brain and body to stop. Because at this moment in history, us young people are overwhelmed with doing life, working hard trying to look like we’re not struggling, not even a little bit, in fact not at all.

It is not now, as it always was. Of course, such is the passage of time; expectation and understanding of change is compulsory. Now, no longer is it suitable to simply find a girl, settle down, if you want you can marry. You can do these things, yes, but it doesn’t either abruptly or even slowly finish at that.

You have to grow, in any way possible.

Grow your body in the right way. Look after it and continue to learn how to nourish it, and then teach others how to fix their own, which they have probably lost control of themselves.

Pass on information in the hope for the altruistic success of those also on the path. Don’t hold one single job – do many things, most of the time and perpetuate learning and growth by learning and growing. Find things out, and lodge them somewhere accessible in the recesses of your grey matter. Share them too, because the wealth of one is the wealth of all.

Develop personally. Receive information, layer it onto your person and embody its code to keep improving yourself. Grow. Be better and strive for more, and don’t stop there – teach others the way how-to and what-with because what good is a life alone?

Keep your temper at bay. Practice methods to calm it, for uncontrolled rage is the enemy of mediation. Practice accepting your flaws but continue to try and outwit them. Learn some more. Keep your hair untangled, your skin unblemished and your attitude clean. Be outspoken – stand firm on your values and do not be stamped upon by compliance if all things are not aligned for you. Save your money, but not too much because you have to live now, now, now.

Take time to yourself, for looking after yourself improves your ability to look after others. Don’t overdo it though, because others must come before the self now and always, all the time, for ever and that’s why self care is necessary at all.

In your everyday be careful to be carefree, but not careless. You have to care some, yes, but with only exactly the right amount. Too much will be seen as obsessive and not enough classed as selfish or ignorant. It is a challenge to balance it all but what would life be if it wasn’t the top balancing act of a show played out by absolute amateurs?

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