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an ode to mums –

This is dedicated to full time mums/single mums/mums who have partners doing FIFO/mums with no family support/mums who are partnered with arse holes and all other mum-style caregivers, directed at […]

A ballad for dad.

Second in line to the Gassin throne and best looking of them all, great at sports throughout his life until one day, a major fall. He’d come across the ocean […]

The Science.

It seems cliché to describe the classroom as a microcosm of the world. Like it’s been done before and those words are nothing new. But as I stroll around this […]

The Chocolatey Truth

This is a piece I wrote last year and didn’t publish…for some obvious and shameful reasons. It ends rather abruptly – probably I got caught typing it up (haha). Needless […]

The Nail Experience

It’s a Monday afternoon, and I’ve decided I deserve a treat. How friendly of me. Well done, self. This “treat” is going to come in the form of a renewal […]

avec l’âge

And so finally, the nature of time has exposed itself directly unto me. And here I was, thinking I was one of those lucky young women who would defy it; […]

The Matriarch.

It was obvious from the beginning, exactly the type of person she was. She’s the matriarch. The one who has been around for so many years that they’ve turned to […]

“a bad day” redefined.

Failing at anything you’ve worked hard for is unhelpful for trying to maintain positivity. Having a car crash at the fault of the other driver pertains to development of a rather dreary […]

Flat Masseuse.

We travelled to Barcelona  in 2012, and stumbled upon some seemingly unusual happenings, particularly at the beach. When the asian lady that was massaging my friend rapidly ceased to do […]