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A ballad for dad.

Second in line to the Gassin throne and best looking of them all,

great at sports throughout his life until one day, a major fall.

He’d come across the ocean seeking opportunity;

but man did he get more than a fixer’s job for Audi.

A talent on the guitar; one that still lives on,

A shame he’s not still doing Yoplait – it’s French for mmm, yum!

It was his skill at singing that brought him to his lady,

though it took some real convincing, she finally said maybe.

Just arrived from Greece, Deb was looking European,

And seeking what she’d left over there – yes, Gilbere was steaming!

His French accent irresistible, his hair a soft jet black,

he swept her quickly off her feel and she’s not since then looked back.

A job at Shell, the next big thing to help the couple by,

Then one by one the children came and my, the time did fly.

First Sasha, who was early and won’t let anyone forget that –

She’s still at home, saving cash while working as a wharf rat.

Gabrielle was next, a little surprise – that happened a bit too soon!

She kept them up throughout the night, the naughty little moon.

Then alas, the Golden Child, along came Perfect Blaise.

Thank the gods, Gilbere then thought, and gave them lots of praise.

A man who’s shouldered more than most, over these last years –

The term Detective Sergeant doesn’t come without its tears.

That’s the burden we slug our coppers

Upon sending them out to work,

They deal with more than we could ever know, and on top of that,

The jerks!

And to “bricoler” around the house is what Gilbere likes best,

A man who’s extremely handy, to that I can attest.

He’ll pot a tree or fix a lock or rip out a rose bush,

As long as it’s followed up with some time spent on his toosh.

The cheese and wine flow freely, when Gilbere is host,

And if your red is as good as his, you’ll get a special toast.

A kind hearted, selfless gentlemen; two of his major traits,

And his devotion to his wife is definitely second to his mates.

He’s the definition of “hero” from his kids, all three –

But we really have to emphasise dad, no more sugar in your coffee!

A husband, brother, father and friend, is what he is comprised of

And any time you spend with him results in growing wiser.

A grandpa now, how good is that, definitely your calling.

The only downside to this fact is distance; it’s appalling!

We love you dad, for all you’re worth, and then a whole lot more –

If there was a competition, you are the winner, that’s for sure.

As the years, they roll on by and your family grows,

Our hearts are always open but we’ll keep you on your toes!

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