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Flat Masseuse.

We travelled to Barcelona  in 2012, and stumbled upon some seemingly unusual happenings, particularly at the beach. When the asian lady that was massaging my friend rapidly ceased to do so and was flat on the sand before you could say, well anything really, because the police went past, well that was an interesting occurrence.

They aren’t actually allowed to be giving massages to randoms tourists on the beach because it is “working” illegally. If you had been there at this time, you’d have noticed that suddenly the Indian men walking amongst the multitudes of people calling out “cold beer, cerveza”, “mohito, fresh mohito” or “coconut” and making some very strange noises in order to attract attention, had grown silent.

In this case, you could have then paid more attention to the men and women walking around the beach, completely naked. My boyfriend did indeed capture a fantastic photo which epitomises this phenomenon and will be forever in etched into my brain. Joy.

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

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