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on Fear.

Fear leads people to strike out in defence. If we feel as if our truth is being attacked, our learnt behaviour tends to move directly towards “defend.” Cliché as it is right now (though relevant) in popular culture to talk about “fight or flight,” we humans have taught ourselves out of fighting true threats to our lives as our primitive brain would see it, and talked ourselves into being afraid of perceived fears, like, someone spitting out words you don’t agree with. Those with a lack of knowledge and an abundance of doubt will strike out to defend what they believe to be their truth and in doing so attempt to pull you from a height, of which they see you as undeserving of.

The Fear in those who are too weak to see beyond their own fumbling, outstretched arms will consistently try to bring you down in order, only, to qualify the self doubt they possess in their own heart. Difficult at first, it can be, to rise above the nonsensical chatter of such time wasting warriors. But unequivocally necessary, so as not to feel beaten down or targeted. For in feeling the effects of the lyric of the weak minded, we join them, we become them and we forget our purpose, what we are striving for, and what prompted us to surge forward in the first place.

I’ve been reading Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto and at the moment am on a section about fear. This chapter gave me inspiration to write my own little blob on it, as seen above. Fear, in myriad forms, can be the burden that weighs us down, that keeps us watching dreams fade wistfully away, that sees us lead a life unfulfilled. What I have learnt thus far is that it is fear that sews the seeds of doubt in our minds, that disallows us, that shuts the barrier on our dreams, if we let it.

Burchard points out in his book that in fact it isn’t fear itself. Because if it were, we would indeed be running from a hungry lion on the savannah…and not getting far. Lions are fast and they know how to hunt. It’s our ego that has the real issue…god, are we not forever trying to stuff away the annoying, inveterate voice that is the “ego?” I feel like my life is a constant battle to shut that section of my mind off. How do the enlightened ones do it? For me, it’s rising above the clickedy-click of letters and reminding myself of my purpose, remembering that every second is valuable and time wasted is lost for ever. That is what is working…for now.


“I won’t let others stoke fear in my heart. I choose to remain true to who I am and where my dreams direct me no matter the hardship I might incur. I remember it always: Fear wins or Freedom wins, and I choose Freedom.”

The Motivation Manifesto, Brendon Burchard. pg 49.

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