About Moi

This blog is a compilation of some of my thoughts and dreams that have marinated for long enough that I can form sentences with them.

Last night I had a dream that I got my eyebrows done and it cost me €250. That’s about $550 Australian dollars. When I looked in the mirror I had one single thick brown line across my forehead.

At the moment, this is the biggest fear I am dealing with.

I am currently living in the south west of France, in a devine, leafy place called Anglet just out of Biarritz. We’re not just “here,” nor did it happen by accident. It look a lot of careful planning and preparation, a strong foundation of support back home, and #goals. “We” includes my husband and our two year old son.

I have realised many things over the last two and a half months, and have written about some of them here, here, and here. I also write about various other things, when I feel a need arise.









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