About Moi

My husband recently took my four year old boy to get a hair cut. I allowed him to go very reluctantly, and needless to say, (because otherwise there wouldn’t be a story) his golden curls were DESTROYED. It took me seven days to get over my initial heartbrokenness and one month on I still look at his head with immense sadness. I wanted to drive to that “very good and trendy” hair cutting/barber place and give the woman with the scissors a very big piece of my mind, index finger pointing viciously. I didn’t in real life but I have considered it on a serious basis more than ten times.

Anyway I reside in Perth, Western Australia with two little boys and two little dogs. We live a life of absolute happiness. We are SO lucky to have what we do, considering the state of the world currently. And even before things went wonky – land of paradise, right? We lived in France in 2019 and man, was that an experience. Tell you what…I really do love my sunburnt country.

Anyway I write stuff mainly to get it off my chest and this is my platform for doing so. I love hearing readers thoughts, so please feel welcome to comment. Except spam; you’re actually not welcome.

Peace and Love and Joy and Health, wealth, good fortune, happiness, etc etc etc to one and all.


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