About Moi

I am the mother of a two boys: one 3.6 year old and one 8 months, as well as two dogs who both nearly died in late 2019. I am interested in things typical of millennials – health and well-being, yoga, parenting, nutrition, saving the environment etc etc. Pretty basic. I choose to write about some of those things and sometimes people enjoy reading what I write.

Last year I spent a challenging and growth promoting eight month stint abroad, with most of that time having been spent living in the south west of France. I have written some stuff about that too.

Reflecting on that time we spent abroad now gives me a strange goose bumpy feeling…because right now Europe is in the midst of chaos. We flew to Australia with a little bean in my tummy, so that we would be safe for its arrival. Little did we know the world was going to shut itself down not long after our arrival.

I’ve always loosely believed in “things happening for a reason,” however that dictum was proven one thousand times truer for me when Covid-19 covered Planet Earth.

We are lucky to be Australian, to live where we do and to have what we have. I’m eternally grateful to be able to bring my little kings up in such a paradise, and I will forever love this sunburnt country.

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