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Gabrielle Gassin

This blog is a compilation of some of my thoughts and dreams that have marinated for long enough that I can form sentences with them.

I am the mother of one toddler and one pregnant belly, the wife to one man, a friend to many, a sister to two and a daughter. Recently returned from eight months in Europe, having fulfilled a long anticipated dream of living in France.

I like to write about things, and this is the platform for me to share. Any feedback or advice is welcomed so please, get in touch if you so wish.

Nothing is Funny Anymore.

Once you’ve grown up, nothing is funny anymore. Every day existence has not the sweet mist of humour, as was the case in high school days. Smiles are less prominent […]


The enormity of the ocean The fluffy froth of waves How tiny a plane full of people seem Stretches of buildings diminished to pixels Trees for ever and ever and […]

WEEDS – a submission.

1 We have a tendency to rip them out. Their insurgent growth pervades our persistent desire to remain in control, of something, anything in this world, this world that continues […]


I was awoken at 1:52am to the sound of my earbuds dying. I had fallen asleep during my meditation at 10pm and slept, for once, soundly, until that annoying little […]


Yesterday, a Prado rolled down the gravel driveway which was white, originally, but looked as though it had been sprayed with red dirt. It had a trailer attached, and inside […]

Book Recommendations

I’ve been reading. And at least I’ve been reading, whilst I haven’t been writing. For this reason, I’ve decided to share the books I’ve finished, because I only finish them […]

Looking For Something

It’s becoming clear to me as I travel through life that a sense of satisfaction is transient for many of us. Framed in myriad ways by thousands who have come […]

Bare feet | a prompt

Barefoot bliss is a state of being experienced only by some of our kind. As we all know, us humans walked the earth barefoot for millennia and were content to […]

A Noisy Fanny Speaks for Herself

  So, you’re pregnant. Or maybe you’ve already had three babies, each one exiting through your vagina. Perhaps you’ve c-sectioned two little ones, and reading this might cause you to intake some […]

undone | a poem

I’ve lost my way. There’s been too much thinking going on. I’ve been misled; believing that planning to write would get me writing. “Planning” has kept me away from the […]

outside the binary.

Recently, a man was at the park with his two kids and dog. After a brief chat, he commented to his kids that he liked my son’s hair (the top […]

difficult people | a prompt

It can take some serious strength of character to handle a difficult person with compassion, but what can sometimes happen if it’s done well is the total subversion of a […]