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Shower Thoughts

Shower time is thinking time. And time to pause, strain my ears and wonder if I can hear a baby screaming outside or just in my head.

Last night I pondered something that I’ve never spoken with anybody about. It’s the use of a bath towel. Usually you use your towel 2-3 times before washing it, or even more (is this just me? What is the normal amount of towel uses before washing?) however my issue is this. You dry your body with your towel. Your whole body, including your bottom and V or P is exposed to some part of the towel. You dry your face with it and in between your toes. Behind your ears. Your underarms. Then you hang it on the rack to dry, ready for use again in the morning.

The morning comes and you do your routine. You need to dry your face again because naturally it is wet from the shower, but how do you know which part of the towel you used last night on your bot? Are you happy to dab dry your face this morning with the part of towel you used on your V or P last night? Is this like using the same chopping board for meat as for vegetables? Are we cross-contaminating here? Despite being “clean” from the showering, the skin itself carries millions of little living things on its surface. The more hidden parts of the human body even more so, and the parts that live in underwear, well…

It would be a ridiculous luxury to fetch a fresh, clean towel for every shower, surely. Until I find a way to get around this perplexing problem, I shall remain thwarted and confused each time I shower. Will post again when a solution is imminent; am open to suggestions or advice.

Enjoy your shower tonight!

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  1. I try to always use the ends of my towel for my face and keep the middle for the rest. Not an exact science but close enough. 😂

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  2. after using the shower towel, hang them nearby the window where the sun can dry and kill the harmful bacteria, then use again for the next shower. for the facial part, use a small size facial towel, also dry hang under the sun after use. most importantly is to make sure the towel will be dry out the next day, coz most bacteria love living in moist environments.

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  3. Face on the ends, bits in the middle. Feel free to use this technique. My mate advised me of this when we were traveling and very poor. Some days we would need to share the same towel and I felt like it was like Russian roulette when drying my face until he passed on this wonderful advice. I still wonder if he actually set me up though 🤨

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