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Looking For Something

It’s becoming clear to me as I travel through life that a sense of satisfaction is transient for many of us. Framed in myriad ways by thousands who have come before, is the concept that we are all on a similar expedition; we are all Looking For Something.

Sometimes the desire to satisfy this at times, seemingly unquenchable thirst is entirely what drives a person: to set and complete daily habits, to work every day towards Goals. But what if you, the hunter, are in the forest with all the right gear…but you don’t know what your target is? There’s a recurrent feeling pervading our thirtysomething-year-old psyche: this notion that we are standing blindfolded, bodies clothed yes, but our fumbling hands are anxious, feeling around for something stable to calm a mind that is naked of fulfilment.

The search for meaning is perpetual; for when one thing fills us up and even spills over the edge of the cup, contentment is rife and satisfaction abundant. But slowly, it seems as if the cup has a sad little leak. With it, the bounty of meaningful joy seeps out, the question begins to niggle and eventually the voyage begins again. But hope isn’t lost, for the desire to go Looking For Something with Purpose will bring Purpose to the seeker, and hopefully too, those who follow in her wake.

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  1. Despite the leak much has been achieved and much has been learned: we become smarter, we grow in patience and love more deeply. Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts lafyquirit !!!❤️

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